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48th Highlanders Memorial
A monumental restoration in memory of lives lost during World War I and II

48th Highlanders Memorial Restoration

Queen’s Park Circle, Toronto, ON

Architect: Haldenby and Mathers

Client: Trinity Custom Masonry

Completion: 2019

Category: Memorial, Restoration

Project Type: Stone Engineering
Stone Type: Granite

The 48th Highlanders Monument is a stunning memorial to one of Canada’s most decorated regiments, in memory of those who lost their lives in World War I and World War II.


The monument that stands at the north end of Queen’s Park Circle in Toronto was designed by Alvan Mathers and Eric Wilson Haldenby. It was orignially unveiled on November 11, 1923, by Lord Byng—Governor General of Canada at the Armistice-Remembrance Parade of the Regiment. The column is constructed of granite, engraved with the battle honours that the 48th have earned, and brass plaques displaying the battle groups from the Canadian Expeditionary Forces which they took part in during the Great War.


PICCO was called to site to inspect the monument and comment and report on the status of the stone. As this monument is nearly 100-years-old, it was due for restoration.

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