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Eisenhower Memorial

Flexibility and creativity

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

Washington, DC

Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP

Client: Lorton Stone

Completion: 2020
Category: Special Projects

Project Type: Stone Engineering
Stone Type: Royal Ambar Limestone


Feb 2020—Stone World Podcast

Sep 2020—


Feb 2022—

2021 Best of Design–The Architect’s Newspaper

A tribute to the 34th President of the United States, the memorial was commissioned by Congress in 1999 to honor the legacy of the World War II Supreme Allied Commander. Located in a public park adjacent to the National Mall, and across from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
The urban park’s design is dominated by the beautiful Royal Ambar Limestone, which is utilized in several unique applications around the 4-acre space. Large 77’ columns clad in a one third bond pattern with curved stone draw your eye immediately. What can not be seen is the segmented back surfaces that required adjustable connection clips to be workable with the curved concrete structure. The Eisenhower Memorial features impressive bronze sculptures of Eisenhower and over 16,000 paving stones were laid with precision alignment with the planters, knee walls, and sculptural memorial block elements.

PICCO completed full-service stone engineering and detailing coordination and installation support. This project required flexibility and creativity solving challenges related to the selected stone and maintaining the design intent. The result of uncountable hours of coordination, engineering design, installation, and fabrication is an undoubtedly world-class cultural project worthy of its place among the Washington monuments in the national mall. The memorial will stand as an important historical and aesthetic tribute to Eisenhower and the role he played in shaping the world.

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