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Gusto 501

 Floor-to-ceiling wall terracotta cladding

Gusto 501 Restaurant

Toronto, ON

Architect: Partisans

Client: Hunt Heritage Masonry Ltd.

Completion: 2020
Category: Commercial

Project Type: Stone Engineering
Stone Type: Terracotta

2021–TTMAC Hardsurface Awards
(Judges Award of Merit)



Oct 2020—The Architect’s Newspaper


Jan 2021—Masonry: Let’s Get Creative

Designed by award-winning architecture firm, Partisans, Gusto 501 is the new “sister” restaurant to the original Gusto 101 and patron favourite on Portland St. downtown Toronto.  PICCO proudly collaborated with the design team and Hunt Heritage Masonry in making the hollow core terracotta block interior come alive. Floor to ceiling wall cladding and exterior Kingspan wall panels were coordinated, engineered, and meticulously installed. 


The architect was looking to create three-dimensional art walls with the use of terracotta tiles that required a system design that could support undulation and corbel projections, a defining characteristic of the interior. Challenges included how to integrate lighting into the wall and large cantilevered portions of tile. Lateral tie-backs for overturning with LGS framing engineering came together effectively with connection details facilitating our attachment strategy. A mock-up for the terracotta walls proved appropriate and valuable with grouting strategies, lighting effects, and installation tolerance studies answering key questions early on in the process.


The resulting interior and lighting presentation exudes a mood and ambiance as satisfying as the food being served, fresh and Italian, a winning combination!

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