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Temple University–Charles Library
Unique geometry, narrow vertical stone, open joint ventilated rainscreen,
aluminum rail support system



Temple University—Charles Library

Philadelphia, PA

©Jim Henderson

Architects: Snøhetta; Stantec

Client: Dan Lepore & Sons

Completion: 2019
Category: Institutional

Project Type: Stone Engineering

Stone Type:

+ Mesabi Black Granite (split face/grooved)


May 2022—Zak World of Facades Canada

This new world-class research facility is at the intersection of two major pedestrian pathways anchoring a new academic and social core planned for the campus. A cedar-clad arched entrance is cut into the stone volume and continue into the building, forming a three-storey domed atrium with white terrazzo flooring.


The vertical slender geometric stone used required the right system and critical detailing to achieve precisely. Further challenges on site to accommodate tight tolerances made this a unique project to execute. An aluminum rail system allowed us to exceed expectations while economizing installation for installation crews. Back anchors in the granite also concealed attachments ensuring the “louvered” look of the facade was true to the aesthetic intent.

PICCO Engineering contributed by way of shop drawings, system engineering
and fabrication tickets.

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