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PICCO Announces New Principals: Structural Engineering

Our team is strengthened by the addition of Neb Erakovic and Crispin Howes, who bring a spectrum of experience in institutional, performing arts, hospitality, residential, healthcare, and commercial work; and are recognized for their collaborative design methods and refined solutions. Together—we deliver the world’s most challenging projects!


Neb Erakovic, Principal, Building Structures

P.Eng, MASc., BASc.

Neb is a recognized industry leader, creative technical expert and collaborator, who thrives on challenging roles within projects of all scale and complexity. He is focused on results and committed to excellence in delivery of broad project objectives; adaptable and driven by an enthusiasm for creative solutions that deliver value to his clients and society. Neb began his career as an academic at the University of Sarajevo and progressed as an engineer and project manager with major Canadian engineering firms, including Yolles Partnership. Shifting focus to a management role, Neb was a senior member of the CH2M Global Buildings group and a director of the Dubai Buildings Group of global engineering firm, Arup. Over the course of a more than 25-year career, Neb has cultivated numerous areas of skill expertise across all major market sectors, both locally and internationally. Neb has been an invited speaker at major AEC industry conferences and distinguished universities, published papers and has contributed to the development of the overall industry as a member of building standard committees and various associations.

To connect with Neb, email:

Crispin Howes, Principal, Feature Structures

P.Eng, BASc.

An approach to engineering balancing research and innovation with pragmatic application has been a key theme throughout Crispin’s career spanning more than 20 years. Explorations employing this unique approach have yielded iconic structures developed through deep collaboration with world class architects, designers, developers, and fabricators. Crispin’s journey of engineering exploration began at the University of Waterloo and flourished with 15 years at the legendary Canadian firm, Yolles Partnership. With Yolles, Crispin advanced to the role of Senior Associate and delivered some of the firm’s highest profile and most ambitious projects. This role included leading initiatives in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and wood construction, along with managing the firm’s complex geometry thinktank, the Studio for Progressive Modeling. With Erakovic Engineering, Crispin collaborated further with fabricators to develop leading edge construction methods to deliver highly buildable solutions. Beyond roles within these firms, Crispin has contributed to the overall knowledge base of the AEC industry by participated in code committees for wood construction and by giving presentations on complex architectural geometry and BIM integration.

To connect with Crispin, email:


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