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Webinar: Masonry—Let’s Get Creative

This month, Mike Picco presented a webinar to IMI—the International Masonry Institute titled “Masonry—Let's Get Creative.”

With the competitive nature of cladding materials, engineering professionals must always look to offer advantages to architects, designers, and construction managers. In this webinar, we explore four unique case studies and hear about creative ways to use masonry. We’ll take a look at a unique application and use of terra cotta, exterior stone cladding on aluminum rail systems, traditional institutional masonry installation, and how prefabrication can be considered to help save time and money by using stone and masonry as structure.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Gusto 501: unique terracotta applications and understand the building code requirements for non-conventional stone anchors.

  2. Portland Courthouse: how to produce quality mockups and testing for exterior stone cladding on aluminum rail systems to ensure the system performs as designed, protecting occupant safety.

  3. Vanderbilt University: traditional institutional masonry installation and how prefabrication can save time on the project schedule and make difficult installations safer and easier to install.

  4. “Floating Stair”: how to improve building performance using stone and masonry as structure.

Mike is the driving force behind PICCO’s continued success, with more than 25 years of stone consulting and structural engineering experience. Mike remains active in project sponsorship and is a much sought-after speaker and subject-matter expert on stone cladding and anchoring systems. This presentation was offered through the IMI, granting 1 LU/HSW continuing education credit to AIA (American Institute of Architects) members. Interested in seeing more? View our Webinar Education Series


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