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PEAKS , the ultimate shop drawing plugin for Revit and Inventor.

PEAKS transforms your BIM processes, delivering improved lead times, reduced costs, and superior stone data quality. Experience the future of stone automation with PEAKS.

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Elevating stone project delivery

At PICCO, we are steadfast in our commitment to investing in technology and our talented team. This investment drives us towards the next frontier of technological innovation, particularly enhancing service delivery within the natural stone industry.

Currently an internal BIM Automation platform, PEAKS serves as the cornerstone for ensuring quality and efficiency, rich data & smart modelling, digital twin design, and adaptive project delivery, specifically tailored for stone projects.

An integral part of our innovative approach and the PEAKS brand, this essential tool not only showcases our dedication to leveraging cutting-edge BIM technology, but also underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Key features

Adaptive Modelling

Harness the power of digital twin technology to create dynamic and flexible models.

Instant piece tagging

Generate piece tags and tickets instantly for streamlined project management.

seamless design-to-fab integration

Ensure a smooth transition from design to fabrication, minimizing errors and delays.

Key benefits

Enhanced Project Schedules

 Accelerate your project timelines with our advanced automation tools.

cost reduction

Lower your project costs through increased efficiency and reduced manual labor.

Improved Data Quality

Enhance the accuracy and quality of your stone data, ensuring better project outcomes.

PICCO Engineering Automation & Knowledge System

As we sense technology shifting all around us, we are steadfast in our commitment to investing in technology and our talented team. 


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