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BILD: Building the GTA decade by decade

“As shelter is a vital human need, it’s easy to see why BILD and its predecessor associations, the Toronto Home Builders’ Association and Urban Development Institute, have stood the test of time.”

Toronto is more than a city, more than a place with tall buildings and a waterfront and parks. It is made by people who make a place called home. To celebrate BILD’s 100-Year Anniversary, The Toronto Star featured a special 11-week “Building by Decades” 100-year retrospective of development in the GTA.

Download full article by decade:

Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1920s
Download PDF • 13.59MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1930s
Download PDF • 25.35MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1940s
Download PDF • 14.69MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1950s
Download PDF • 15.07MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1960s
Download PDF • 11.15MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1970s
Download PDF • 20.73MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1980s
Download PDF • 18.03MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_1990s
Download PDF • 25.39MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_2000s
Download PDF • 4.11MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_2010s
Download PDF • 8.74MB
Toronto Star_BILD100_Feature_2020s
Download PDF • 4.62MB

To learn more about BILD, visit:


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