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Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project was conceived with the purpose of re-vitalizing Manhattan’s far West Side along the Hudson River. It is said that this project, once completed, will “transform” New York City in an unprecedented way. It is already the largest private real estate development project in the history of the United States, and the largest development in New York City since the Rockefeller Centre in the 1930’s.

PICCO’s client is Port Morris Tile & Marble Corporation. Founded in 1904, Port Morris is one of the oldest stone fabricators/installers in the USA and they have proven to be a very quality-oriented and honourable company with which to work.

There are two phases of the Hudson Yards project. Phase 1, the eastern phase, is to contain over 11M sq ft of cultural, hotel, retail and residential space. The second phase will also include institutional space in addition to office, retail and hotel space and will cover over 6M sq ft.

PICCO Engineering is proud to have helped contribute to this exceptional project by way of shop drawings, fabrication tickets and connection design. Our stone expertise helped facilitate the use of a proprietary Aluminum backup system that allows for the hanging of large pieces of granite on 40’ high columns, which are the main architectural feature of one of the main office/retail towers. The use of dimensional stone in Hudson Yards will add to the beauty and grandeur of the area.


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