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Mike Picco Speaks at Big 5—Advocating for Natural Stone and Global Initiatives in North America

September 1, 2021—During an online discussion organized by Big5, NSI board president Michael Picco and CEO Jim Hieb offer a perspective from the Natural Stone Institute on the benefits of the International Standards Organization (ISO) for natural stone.

“At the start of the pandemic, everyone was concerned and cautious about the market share and what was going to happen.” – Michael Picco

The residential market increased by unseen numbers, a direct result of less travel and less holiday spending. Many companies saw double-digit growth they’d never had before this time. There was a boom in landscaping. People were upgrading their homes and creating new outdoor experiences. There were a lot of kitchen and bathroom renovations as well. On the commercial side, the market had a more cautious outcome with a lot of projects put on hold, as many were unsure what the future held. However, we’re now seeing a lot of those projects gain traction again.

Watch the webinar to learn how the NSI is creating environmental product declarations (EPDs) to help architects and designers find the most sustainable products for their projects.

The Big 5 is known for being the place where the global construction community meets. The event runs from August 22–November 17, 2021.

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