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Roundtable: The Barnes Foundation—Designing Legacy

On September 16, 2020, we hosted a special Roundtable session: “The Barnes Foundation: A Masterful Execution of Modern Stone Work” presented by: Mike Picco, Tod Williams, Philip Ryan, John Taranto and Ken Saretsky.

Learning Outcomes
  1. A Landmark Project—The Barnes Foundation was a true testament to stone architecture. This distinctive building owes its acclaim and many awards, in part, to the inspiring facade—and team—that defined it.

  2. Moderated by Architect Tod Williams—we were joined by ABC Stone for an insider’s look into the inspiration and sourcing of stone, challenges, innovative solutions, and unending dedication that were necessary for which made this architectural feat possible.

  3. Q&A—We had a range of interesting questions asked by viewers—and from each other on the panel!

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