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Stone Ideas interview: Communicating more with green facts about natural stone

Mike Picco was recently interviewed by, and sees the moment favorable to reach even internationally standardized datasheets for marble, granite, etc.

To read the full interview click here

“We have to communicate more with green facts about natural stone, e.g., Environmental Product Declarations and Life-Cycle-Assessments.”

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is defined by the International Standards Organization as a compilation of data about the energy and resources needed to create a product, to process and transport it to the consumer, and finally to dispose of it. It aims to enable a scientific (not emotional) comparison of products that have the same function.

Life-Cycle-Assessments (LCA) analyze the resources taken from or the emissions released to the environment during a product’s creation, usage, and disposal (or recycling and re-use, respectively). “from the cradle to the grave“ or “from the cradle to the cradle, respectively, is the slogan to describe the comprehensive approach of a an LCA. LCAs are used as tools to create an EPD.


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