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Stone consulting, cladding, engineering,

and anchor design

PICCO is known internationally for our stone expertise with projects that span the globe. Early engagement ensures we can be a custodian of design while we help to manage technical and financial considerations throughout the project’s life cycle. When brought onto a project later in the process, we often find costly errors, that can lead to compromises in design, and unnecessary costs impacting owners, architects, and designers.


As your unbiased stone consultant, we have no vested interest in sourcing a particular stone from a particular quarry. We will provide various sourcing options for stone that are conducive for the project, and ensure you only procure the appropriate amount of stone. Our sole focus is understanding the project’s design, technical, and financial requirements, and utilizing our experience to help coordinate and deliver the most cost-effective solutions.

Stone Consulting Services

The range of services we offer includes:

Design Assist

 Product Sourcing


Cladding- Various Materials:



      Thin Veneer



Design x Engineering of stone anchor systems


Shop Drawings

Shop Tickets

Material Take-Offs

BIM and 3D Modeling




PICCO Engineering is an objective stone consultant—delivering the most value by collaborating at the earliest stage of your project, right through to its completion.

We have cultivated our experience in stone consulting since 1986. Our talented and diverse staff offers clients expert technical advice, innovative cost-effective anchoring systems, and a wide range of related services designed to produce reliable and attractive stone cladding. Our inventive custom fastening systems are designed to help clients maximize labour efficiencies and are always constructed to the highest standards. 

The impact and value of engaging a stone consultant at each project phase—

Sustainable Material Sourcing

+  We elevate your knowledge and capability
 We support sourcing of stone from around the globe
+  We value engineer and optimize performance

Design Collaboration
+  Idea to model more thorough, more useful benefits downstream
+  Impact to entire building on aesthetics, budget and constructability
+  Project delivery methodology and processes—BIM or not to BIM

Leverage Technology
+  Extensive toolbox for navigating diverse challenges and solutions
+  Automation for efficiency and precision
+  Quality built-in with technology that enables craftsmanship

Impact to Entire Building
 Proven results, knowledge and know-how with unmatched experience
+  Collaboration: Architect + Structural Engineer + GC + Fabricator + Installer
+  Opportunities for value engineering upfront

Engage us directly—how can we help? Designing an optimal wall and selecting the right stone can significantly affect cost, installation and schedule. As an objective stone consultant, PICCO Engineering delivers the most value to a project by collaborating at the earliest stage of the project right through to its completion.

BIM and 3D Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process involving the creation of digital three-dimensional models to build an accurate physical and functional reflection of a building and its systems. BIM 3D drawing tools are a major advancement over traditional 2D drawings. BIM models become shared knowledge between consultants and stakeholders to support decision-making about a facility from conceptual stages, through design, construction, and during its operational life. 

We are a leader in the use of BIM in the stone industry—a position earned by investing in the technology, adapting our work processes, and equipping our people with the training/support for embracing change and achieving success. 

We utilize BIM for parametric modeling, detailing, documentation of stone facades with shop drawings, installation, and fabrication process requiring maximum Level of Detail (LOD). Complex geometry modeling, clash detection, integration with mechanical connection components and structures are routine deliverable.

Some of our BIM projects include:

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The Ark of Return, United Nations Memorial

Latter-Day Saints Temples

Material Sourcing

Our services include, but are not limited to: stone sourcing support, stone cladding engineering, forensic investigations, and specifications for ASTM/jurisdictional testing requirements for natural stone testing. We prepare testing protocols for materials required for material analysis and engineering. We administer tests through our reputable partner labs and oversee them through completion.


Quarry Visits

We attend quarries for the purpose of performing physical and process-related inspections on materials. We assess materials in the context of project location, design intent, and engineering requirements and provide historical project review of specific material including assessment of durability, failure history, and overall performance expectations. 


Aga Khan.jpg
United Nations Memoire - Ark of Return (

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Winnipeg, MB

Aga Khan Park

Toronto, ON

Ark of Return-United Nations Memorial

New York, NY

Stone Services

Finest Quality
PICCO has been a valuable member of our team for many years. We can always expect the finest quality in stone shop drawings and stone anchorage engineering. PICCO is professional, timely, thorough and accurate in every aspect of the design. The degree to which they perform their work assists us immeasurably in coordinating, scheduling and ordering stone and anchors. We look forward to more opportunities to work with PICCO and expect our relationship to continue for many years to come.

—Kyle Williams, Senior Project Manager, Masonry Arts Inc.

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